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Why Devops

DevOps collaberates the Development and Operations team to deploy code to production faster in an automated & repeatable way. DevOps helps to increase organization speed to deliver applications and services. It also allows organizations to serve their customers better and compete more strongly in the market. DevOps has become one of the most valuable business disciplines for enterprises or organizations. With the help of DevOps, quality, and speed of the application delivery has improved to a great extent.

DevOps / DevSecOps

cloudsolz cloud technology DevOps experts are DOERS. They will execute the work, educate your team to execute repeatedly and independently (upskilling), and produce the documentation which will turn the work into a valuable asset.

IT Infrastructure

We provide unbiased recommendations and access to the needed technologies via the cloud marketplaces (ISV private offers). This software acquisition model provides added benefits to the client by way of additional discounting and subsidised service costs.

Cloud Migration

Data fuels new business advantages through applications that reveal insights, increase efficiencies, monetize data, provide exceptional customer experience and create unique value.

DevOps / DevSecOps

Canadian enterprises are moving micro amounts of ‘as-is’ workloads per month. Arctiq modernizes the Application, and can move an impactful amount of workloads in a fraction of the time using bold engineering.